Mosaic Assistant Server

  1. Download and Run mosaic_server.exe
  2. Click “Yes" to accept the permission
  3. Press "Next" in the installation wizard, enter your serial number
  4. Finish the installation wizard
  5. Open Windows/Start Menu
  6. Search for Notepad
  7. Right click Notepad, “Run as administrator”
  8. Click “Yes"
  9. File > Open
  10. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Pryzm Health\Mosaic Server\config
  11. In the bottom right, click "Text Documents (*.txt)" and change it to "All Files”
  12. Select “mosaic.config” and click “Open”
  13. Replace >>DB SERVER ADDRESS<< with your BP server location e.g. DESKTOP-PB3713M\\BPSINSTANCE
  14. File > Save
  15. File > Exit
  16. Open the Windows/Start Menu
  17. Scroll to Mosaic Server Folder, open Mosaic inside the folder
  18. Click Yes
  19. The server will start in the background, and open within 5 minutes
  20. Minimise the app, it will appear in your system tray

Setup for the Desktop App You need the servers local IP address

  1. Download Mosaic Assistant desktop app

Search for “Network status” in the Windows Start Menu Select “Status” in the left menu Under “Network status” click “Properties” Scroll down to “Properties” and write down the “IPv4 address”

How to install Mosaic Assistant


If your practice has upgraded to Best Practice Jade or Saffron, there is a new setting that needs to be enabled for Mosaic to continue to integrate. It is important to perform the steps below so that Mosaic can continue to talk to Best Practice and scan patient data, write back reports and perform other features.


To enable this integration between Best Practice Jade/Saffron and Mosaic, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Open BP Premier and navigate to Setup > Configuration:

Screenshot: Open BP Premier and navigate to Setup > Configuration

Step 2: Select Database on the left hand side:

Screenshot: Select Database on the left hand side:

Step 3. Click the Setup third-party integrations button. The Setup third party integrations window will appear and check the box next to ‘HotDoc’.

Please note: If this is not listed, a previous BP update may not have properly installed. In this case you will need to contact BP Support for further assistance.​

Screenshot: Select Database on the left hand side: